Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In which we prove that sometimes smaller is better...

And the winner is...
Janice Fuda ~ Congratulations! Thanks to those who entered!

Hello all!

Our new gift-away is here. It's a BEAR PAIR~ the little wooden carve bear is handmade by wonderful Santa's Whiskers of Pennsylvania. The softie (wool? rayon? can't tell) little bear looks handmade also, but does not have a tag. This is from store stock from years ago.

Thanks to everyone who is following and entering our "giftaways"... or should I call this our Hug Dispensary :)

As you might have noticed, it takes awhile to get a new blog off the ground, so we really have only a few entrants each time... which means your chance of winning is QUITE AWESOME!

To enter to win, leave a comment below. We will choose the winner on 1/15/16...

EDIT: And the winner is...
Janice Fuda ~ Congratulations!
Thanks to those who entered!


  1. So cute! They can go anywhere.

    1. Hello Janice! You have won this adorbs litte pair of bears! Congratulations and Happy New Year! If you want to message me you snail mail addy, there's a place on the right side of the blog to do that. Or email it to me at mostlybears@gmail.com Have a nice day!

  2. Come live with me, little bears!

  3. I love these little guys, I'm sorry I missed the post. I just found it a few minutes ago. Maybe next time. :)